Not Knowing Your Place

The widow warned her only son 
as they trod the Town Hall steps,
“Speak only when you’re spoken to,
stand straight and show respect.”
But a Post War generation has
a different point of view
and he could only show  respect
where others gave it too.
The Housing clerk was adamant,
until he saw her son
produce the snapshot of his dad
standing by his gun.
“My father died in Anzio for England and for you,
now move us up that bloody list,
or I’ll put your windows through.”

The chauffeur held the door for her
as she settled in the rear
when an unintended stocking top
sparked his new career.
He left behind the driving seat to join the fashion scene.
After four years on a Singer
He was Queen of that machine.
He retails now in Knightsbridge under “Divine Derriere”,
his label’s famed throughout the Court for erotic underwear.

The chairman’s name was Walker
but I gladly called him “Sir”
when he handed me the bonus
after my first writing year.
An old scribe tugged my jacket
as we walked down the stairs,
(he had an NUJ card which now I could afford.)
“Remember lad,” he cautioned,
“write whatever you prefer,
but unless they’ve got a knighthood,
don’t call the buggers Sir.”

John Cooper © Copyright 2011-2019 All Rights Reserved.

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